How to Care for and Maintain your Floor Carpet

A wall-to-wall carpet in your home is a big investment for most homeowners. It means you want to keep the floor carpet in the best shape so it can serve you for the longest time. Carpets add warmth, softens, and aesthetics to your home. Therefore, when shopping for a floor carpet, you want to ensure it’s the right choice for you.

You need a carpet that is easy to clean. When it is challenging to keep the carpet clean, you will not enjoy having it in your home. You can reach out to these carpet cleaners in McKinney for quality cleaning.

1 – Take your shoes off

Keep your shoes off the carpet if you want to keep them clean. Of course, shoes carry a lot of outdoor dirt, and stepping on the floor with your shoes will cause more damage to your carpet.

When you arrive home from work, you should take off your shoes before you get inside the house. Dirt, mud, and other materials stuck on the shoes will be left on the carpet when you step on it.

2 – Vacuum clean 

Most experts advise that you vacuum clean your carpet at least once weekly to keep it clean. Vacuum clean even more if you have pets and children at home. When you vacuum clean the carper, you remove dirt, dust, and small rocks that stick on the carpet over time giving your carpet more life.

3 – Seam cleaning

If you want your carpet to last longer, you should steam clean it at least once every year. Steam cleaning does more than vacuum cleaning. When your carpet is steam cleaned professionally, it removes all the dirt that penetrates deep within the carpet fiber. Steam cleaning does more than removing the dirt and pet accidents on the carpet; it can make your carpet last longer than expected.

4 – Add rugs and mats to the floor

Another way to keep your floor carpet in shape for a long is to use some rugs and mats. Adding rugs and mats on the tops of the carpet may look excessive but does more in protecting your carpet from physical damage.

You can place mats and rugs in high-traffic places in the room, like on the entrance to the living room and hallways. This way, you reduce the carpeting in those rooms.

5 – Soak up spills 

When you have spills on the carpet, it doesn’t look nice. While spills on the rug are inevitable, how you clean them makes a big difference in the life of your floor carpet. When there are spills on your carpet, you should soak it before you can rub it. Dap some cleaning solution on the spillage spot immediately – if you wait for long, it won’t be easy removing the spill.

After dabbing, you can now blot with a paper towel or some clean cloth. The tip is to ensure you don’t put excess pressure on the liquid so that it sets inside the carpet fiber. Blot from the outside to prevent the spill from placing and spreading to other parts.

Final Thoughts 

Floor carpets are a big investment in any home. You want to ensure you keep your carpet in perfect shape by doing a regular vacuum cleaning. Hire professional carpet cleaners to help you maintain your carpet.