Different Types Of Clinically Proven Alcohol Treatment Programs

Alcohol Consuming disorder is a severe matter of concern as it can cause severe complications like liver cirrhosis and Hence, needed to be treated as soon as possible. However, not all treatments are suitable for all as the underlying cause may vary for different persons.

How to find the right treatment?

Finding the right treatment is crucial as it has a direct impact on the patients. However, for a layperson finding about the treatments is quite confusing. But with Find Rehab Center you can make the right choice. With advanced features, it provides all the necessary information about the treatment centers like LA Red Health Center and also about the treatments.

What are the types of treatment programs?

Mainly 6 types of treatment programs have scientifically proven to be fruitful. These are:

·         Detoxification:

This is the process used to wipe out the toxic substances present in the body with the help of detox.

·         Cognitive behavioral therapy:

Is used for various types of addiction including food addiction, drug addiction, etc. It helps to find the triggering substances and helps to develop the coping mechanism for them.

·         Rational emotive behavior therapy:

Helps the patients to realize and understand their thinking pattern and helps them to overcome their negative thoughts.

·         Contingency management:

This treatment accelerates the positivity in the patients. According to the National institute of drug abuse, it is also helpful to tackle relapse.

·         12-step facilitation:

It is a group process that involves self-realization. It helps people to realize the bad consequences of addiction and lets them surrender to the higher power and move on.

·         Medication:

It involves FDA-approved medications that help the patients with the withdrawal symptoms. It can also be combined with behavior therapy for better results.


Certain treatments help both socially and spiritually. However, you need to make the decision carefully and choose the right one.