Keter Group’s CEO Alejandro Pena Talks About ‘Summer Oasis’ of Outdoor Furniture Options

Outdoor spaces are a great place to convene whether you are hosting friends and family or you are enjoying an informal get-together at home. The COVID-19 pandemic further exemplified how important it is to have peaceful, open, and outdoor spaces where friends and families can connect under the sunshine.

Keter Group was founded almost 100 years ago in Israel and has since offered winning, sustainable, and modernized resin-based home and garden decor. Focusing on sustainability and longevity, Keter Group has turned the home and decor space on its head with a catalog of exceptional products.

Leading the way at Keter Group is Alejandro Pena, former North American Market Managing Director turned CEO at Keter. Pena landed the CEO position in 2017 and has since been a guiding force in Keter’s consistent goal to improve sustainability while offering a winning line of products.

Sustainability and Keter Group

Designing a beautiful outdoor summer oasis for friends and family can be a lot of fun as well as sustainable, at least when you work with Keter Group. Keter sources the vast majority of its materials from sustainable sources, relying on resin-based products that are recyclable.

To continue setting the tone as an industry leader in the sustainable field, Keter Group strives to completely minimize its use of virgin resources while endeavoring to eliminate waste along the value chain. Keter Group has focused on increasing the total recycled content of its products with a goal of 55% by 2025. At the time of this writing, Keter Group’s entire product line is 100% recyclable.

Designing a Spacious Outdoor Oasis

Building a better backyard oasis begins with a firm understanding of the options available to you. At Keter Group, sustainable outdoor living has never been easier.

Patio and Deck Products

Start your outdoor oasis the easy way with a roomy deck sporting a couple of Keter’s popular Adirondack Chairs. Available in a variety of styles and colors, the Adirondack Chair makes it easy to relax and easier to unwind. To really pull the outdoor oasis together, consider installing Keter Group’s 3-Pc Patio Set which provides compact seating and plenty of style.

Storage Areas

No outdoor space is complete without a few storage options close at hand. Keter Group offers access to its durable Storage Bench which provides a sturdy build, built-in seating, and exceptional interior storage capacity.