Carpet care tips: every housewife should know these rules

Irregular maintenance of carpet products leads to premature wear, as well as to the accumulation of allergens, dust mites and dirt in the fibers. It is recommended to carry out dry cleaning 2 times a year, to maintain their original appearance.

General Carpet Care Tips

The use of rotary or disc machines for cleaning handmade carpets is not permitted.

When spilling drinks or other coloring liquids on the coating, it is recommended to immediately put a napkin or towel on this place to absorb moisture. If you take immediate action, then the appearance of stains may be avoided. If, nevertheless, it was not possible to avoid this, it is recommended to carry out dry cleaning immediately, since the more time passes from the moment the stain appears, the more difficult it is to completely clean it. Remember that old stains from some types of wine and coffee are not completely removed.

The use of household chemicals for cleaning carpets without special equipment often not only does not give the desired effect, but can also damage the fabric, as well as change the color of the product. Stains that have been tried to be removed by hand with household stain removers are much more difficult to remove even with professional equipment.

In everyday life, it is recommended to regularly vacuum the carpet at least twice a week. In the office, especially in corridors with high traffic, it is recommended to vacuum the coating daily, this will allow less frequent dry cleaning work and save money. To prevent pollution in the winter season, it is advisable to install mud-protective coatings at the entrance to the building.

When removing dirt from the carpet at home, it is not always possible to achieve the desired effect. Sometimes only ordering a professional carpet cleaning service can help: this is cleaning with the professional equipment and special cleaning products.

Tips for proper carpet care

Carpet cleaning at home

If your carpet is not heavily soiled, you can remove the dirt on your own without going to a dry cleaner. Here are some tips for cleaning carpets at home:

  • for maximum effect, you need to clean the front and back surfaces of the carpet;
  • carpets do not like dampness, do not over-wet the structure of the material;
  • it is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner not only during general cleaning (it is recommended to clean home carpets systematically);
  • in order for the process of removing contaminants to be the most environmentally friendly (there was no release of allergens from the air filter), use devices with an aqua filter;
  • remove stains immediately after they appear, the more time is lost, the more difficult it is to remove the stain.

How to clean carpet from wool

Wool on carpets and upholstered furniture is a common problem for pet owners. By following our recommendations, you can easily deal with this trouble.

There are several ways. Firstly, you can simply brush the animal several times a day, then less wool will fall on the carpet. Secondly, you need to use special shampoos so that the animal does not shed so much. Another good way is, of course, a vacuum cleaner. But in most cases, it effectively sucks only long hair. Smaller hairs are embedded in the pile itself. And here a wet broom comes to the rescue, as the wool sticks to it well, but long hairs will still have to be vacuumed. You can also do this with a wet cloth or a special brush, but they need to be periodically cleaned of pet hair and moistened again in water. You can also remove fine hair with the help of adhesive tape, wrapping it around your hand with the sticky side outward, then run this side over the carpet, the hairs will stick to the adhesive tape and be removed.

Carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

Recommendations for the use of household vacuum cleaners to effectively remove dirt and preserve the appearance of the carpet for many years. The carpet has a peculiar structure, and its fibers are twisted. Due to twisting, we get the softness and comfort of the carpet. But it is precisely this twisting that contributes to stuffing particles of dust and dirt.

All these troubles are easily eliminated if you pick up the “assistant” that has become familiar in any apartment – a vacuum cleaner. It will perfectly cope with cleaning, and besides, during operation, it will partially eliminate dust in the room.

Everyone knows how to use this household device today. But the bottom line is that you need to skillfully act when cleaning carpets.

You need to move with a vacuum cleaner through the entire length from end to end. With a high density of villi, most carefully, the enemies of health usually hide there. If there is a vacuum cleaner, then the matter will be facilitated.

So that the villi do not lie on one side and do not wrinkle, change the direction of movement.

Regardless of the model of the cleaning device, in any case, it is necessary to pass through one surface several times. For those surfaces where the movement is more intense, at least six to seven times.

In places subject to more pollution, clean in different directions – along the location of the pile and in the opposite direction.

Professional carpet cleaning services

If the wool is very old, you need to resort to dry cleaning services. Sometimes it is simply impossible to do without it. Since only there is it possible to professionally and carefully remove animal hair using environmentally friendly, safe and reliable products that do not harm the carpet itself, moreover, at affordable prices. In addition, they also offer anti-mole and anti-static treatment services.

Why Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning? The fact is that when processing the carpet on your own at home, the product may lose its shape, the paint will gradually become less bright, and not every stain can be removed on its own, especially if they are old. But it should be remembered that cleaning should be trusted only to well-established companies, especially if the carpet is expensive, as it can be easily ruined.

On a note! Carpets should be cleaned while they are still not heavily soiled, otherwise even professionals will find it difficult to give things their well-groomed appearance.