Power washing service with a foam generator

Washing building facades is necessary not only for buildings in the city center with a high official status. Each construction site accumulates various types of pollution on the facade over time.

Washing building facades in all cases involves working with high pressure water. Flexible garden hoses are used to supply water.

Cleaning facades allows not only to return the structure to an attractive and neat appearance, but also to slow down the wear of facing materials. The more seriously you approach the issue of maintaining a house, the longer it will serve its owners.

Professional power washing of building facades is carried out in the presence of intense pollution, as well as before any cosmetic repairs, so that the new finish coat fits well on the surface.

How to return the facade to its original appearance?

Facades made of natural stone, brick, concrete or plaster lose their appearance over time and require maintenance. These materials are porous, are saturated with atmospheric pollution, can emit efflorescence, darken. With errors in waterproofing, mold, moss and fungus form.

Sometimes it seems that the light facing stone will never be the same again, but today’s technologies make it possible to achieve this. Thanks to modern chemical compositions and the method of their application, shell rock, marble, granite, brick and concrete, blackened from time to time, can be cleaned almost to their original state. But for this it is necessary to perfectly possess the technology, equipment and properly selected chemistry.

When neither Karcher nor facade detergent helps to wash the stubborn black dirt from the brick, and the brick continues to remain black, then a foam generator must be used.

Why power washing with foamer?

The foam generator in conjunction with the high-pressure apparatus foams the detergent. In this form, it penetrates much better into the porous lining material and reacts with dirt particles, dissolving them and bringing them to the surface. In addition, using a foam generator, you can apply a thick layer of foam, for example 10-15 cm, thereby increasing the amount of active ingredient per square meter of the facade. As experts say, when applying a liquid product with a brush, this cannot be achieved.

Tools for power washing the facades of buildings are selected taking into account the height, type of finish, type and degree of pollution. Washing facades at height requires special equipment, so such services are ordered only from professional power washing companies that can do the job efficiently and safely. The cost of power washing is often determined on a case-by-case basis, as it depends on many factors.

When is a foam generator needed?

Washing the facade of a building made of natural stone often involves the fight against stubborn, chronic pollution. In this case, there is simply no other way. There is no way to do it by simple means. But even if you wash the facade every year, porous materials are much better washed with foam.

If the façade is painted, clad with a composite panel, or consists of continuous glazing, then power washing can be carried out without a foam generator. In this case, it is advisable to carry out power washing of the facade, using an appropriate detergent and glass slippers.

If power washing is done with good equipment, it will be fast and efficient. After work, there are no stains, traces of dirt, damage to the finish. The achieved effect usually lasts for six months. If the building is operated under normal conditions, then it is recommended to order washing of facades under pressure with such a frequency. Pressure washing service in Winnetka

Typically, a full pressure wash of the façade can be completed in 4-6 hours. The day is chosen not too sunny and hot, so that the scorching sun does not increase the effect of chemistry on the lining material and toxic fumes do not form.

It is very important to correctly select the tool for a particular material. Stone facades tolerate wet washing well, but wood requires gentle methods. For sensitive materials, dry cleaning with compressed air can be used. All these issues are decided by the company’s pressure washing specialists after inspecting the facility. Pressure washing service in Winnetka – the company’s specialists will perfectly cope with even the most persistent stains, reach the most inaccessible places, which guarantees the quality of the work performed.