Bathroom trends 2022

Do you realize that 2021 was a year that brought a lot of changes in the way we live in our houses? Do you feel that in the post-pandemic world, our homes have gone drastic changes? You must have realized that we are facing a lot of changes in the way we live in the house. We have come to embrace the house and various spaces inside it after staying indoors for extended periods. This has brought many innovations and changes in the manner in which folks design and decorate their homes.

Take the humble bathroom as an example. Earlier it used to be a service area of our homes but now, it has turned into a crucial space of the house where you and other family members relax and enjoy precious time with yourself. Bathrooms have nowadays become central to designing our homes and offer an opportunity to express the creativity that is close to our hearts. The next year will bring with it a lot of new styles and elements that you could give a shot if you are thinking about creating a customized bathrooms space for yourself.

Did you say wallpapers for bathrooms?

Yes, you heard it right. Bathrooms can now be covered with wallpapers. But what about the moisture and the humidity ruining it? Apparently, new-age innovations have resulted in wallpapers being made from fiberglass material. This means not only the wallpaper print is long-lasting, but it is also waterproof. You already know that with wallpapers, the possibilities of designs and colors are endless and so is your ability to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary where you can spend some quality time with yourself.

Have you tried the open living concept yet?

As the name suggests, this style of living reduces the number of walls present in the house. Do you understand what this translates to? It would mean that you will have an open bathroom or an en-suite with the bathtub, sinks and showers visible from the bedroom. While the toilet area still needs to be tucked away between walls, the doors to the bathroom will disappear altogether.

The open living concept brings in a lot of innovations in lighting and ventilation as well. For instance, how can you bring in more sunlight into the bath area? By changing the entire wall into a glass façade! Having an open bathroom also means more space for decorations. One of the top trends for 2022 for a customized bathroom is going to be keeping more plants in it. built-in planters, green walls, or courtyards that are integrated will shape next year’s trends.

Can you sustain the sustainability trend?

Are you on the lookout for industrial designs? Do you wish to have wooden elements in your bathroom? Are you someone who needs to take care of the environment? If you are someone who associates with these questions, then next year’s bathroom design trends are going to be your favorite. Sustainability has finally become the centerpiece of design themes across the board. There are many interesting sustainable materials available from recycled sources that could transform your bathroom into an otherworldly experience.

Upcycled metal frames can be used to create the industrial look you have been wanting to give to the bathroom. Your old wooden cabinets can be recycled to create beautiful shelves and vanities for the new bathroom. The use of cork is an example of sustainable yet sophisticated design. There are a lot of waterproof woods available now to create the perfect relaxing environment for you in your customized bathroom.