What are the advantages of Nutrience Care Plus food for my cat?

Being a caring pet lover, you would be concerned about the food habits of your cat. Of course, you would try to provide the best nutritional value to your feline friend, that will help it in maintaining good health conditions. A proper foundation for good health can only be achieved with the right ingredients incorporated in the cat’s diet.

Established pet food suppliers such as Nutrience have come up with affordable and nutrient-rich food for cats. This high-quality nutritious diet also couples up as preventative medicine, potentially saving you money in the long run. You know how important it is to maintain proper health conditions in pets to keep medical expenses at bay.

Necessary nutrients that your cat might require

  • Cats are compulsive carnivores, which means they can only get nourishment from animal sources. Over the years, these creatures have developed as hunters. They habitually consume food heavy in protein, moderate in fat, and low in carbs. Therefore, their diet still demands these primary nutritional proportions today. Cats also require a variety of additional nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids.
  • Purchase cat food based on the life stage of your feline friend, considering probable ailments. Mother cats that nurse the baby ones, for example, require a considerably higher calorie diet, while some cats require more simple diets owing to allergies. Your veterinarian can assist you in evaluating these specific requirements.
  • Senior cats require food high in protein and moisture to support their renal systems. These meals should be low in fat and calories to avoid excessive weight gain, which can be harmful to their health. The grain-free diet serves as an excellent choice for senior indoor cats.

What food to avoid when you feed cats?

There is by no means a complete list of items your cat should refrain from consuming. However, keep these common items in mind if you’re placing food in its bowl or dumping leftovers off the table, as some are quite harmful to your feline companion. Here are certain items cats should avoid intaking.

  • Raisins/sultanas
  • Grapes
  • Chocolate
  • Onion
  • Caffeine items
  • Nuts
  • Dough for bread
  • Mango seeds or apricot pips
  • Avocado
  • Fruit seedling.
  • Corncobs
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes

Advantages of choosing Nutrience care plus for cats

Nutrience is derived from the word ‘science,’ and the word ‘nutrient’ is derived from the Latin word ‘nutrients,’ which means to nourish or feed. For almost 30 years, Nutrience has provided complete and balanced foods for cats based on authentic feeding habits.

  • Proper nutrition has always been at the heart of Nutrience’s concept and continues to drive their innovation.
  • All Nutrience formulas fulfill AAFCO nutritional criteria and these experts procure ingredients that are ethically farmed and harvested in a sustainable manner. Nutrience Care Plus is believed to give a healthy lifestyle to your pet.
  • As you scan through the official website of the brand, you will get to know that every Nutrience bag is manufactured in a safe quality food program level-3 facility. This assures that the experts adhere to the highest possible standards in the pet food manufacturing industry.
  • Every batch is subjected to the most thorough testing protocols, and the processes adhere to the most stringent food processing rules. For better quality assurance, the products are double-checked for safety by third parties.
  • Since 1955, the company has been a leader in its own pet food facility. The brand ensures absolute assurance for quality. They promise food manufactured from excellent ingredients that actually nourish pets to live a better and longer life.

Considering these benefits, it makes sense to procure your cat food from Nutrience. The quality and affordability of the products define the popularity of this leading brand.