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Types of products offered by Crompton Greaves Consumer Electronics in India

Crompton Greaves and electrical appliances are synonymous with each other in India. Crompton manufactured the first unit in 1899 at Calcutta.

Crompton greaves are one of the largest electrical energy manufacturers in India. They have been leading the electricity market since 1937, and they are one of the largest private-sector enterprises in India. They are involved in marketing high technology electrical products and manufacturing them.

Products by Crompton Greaves Consumer Electronics

Crompton Greaves Consumer Electronics are popular for a wide range of products. They offer HT circuit breakers, LT and HT motors, power and industrial transformers, DC motors, alternators, generators and more.

They deliver their products to more than 60 countries. Some of the standard products manufactured and marketed by Crompton Greaves Consumer Electronics include the following:


Fans are one of the major requirements of any household. Whether you have commercial or residential requirements, fans can have a huge impact on keeping the space cool.

Crompton has some of the best consumer fans. These fans are designed to meet the interior decoration of the space. Furthermore, these fans are available in different colours and perfectly suit the purpose.


Lighting will have a massive role in determining the mood of the house. The innovative solutions are aimed at helping you cater to the perfect solution around the house. The consumer lighting from Crompton pumps has been designed to meet efficiency.

Extra lighting always acts like a sore to the eyes. However, the ones by Crompton are pretty comfortable, and they play an important role in providing efficient solutions.


Crompton pumps are extremely popular in the market. The consumer pumps by Crompton have been designed to suit different purposes, and they play an essential role in fitting various household applications.

Unlike other pumps, the Crompton pumps are tough, and they play an essential role in providing high-speed performance. Furthermore, they are unfailing, which is why you should consider choosing them over others.


Luminaires have always been one of the major attractions of the house. The LED luminaires by Crompton are pretty easy to install, and one of the main benefits of using these is that they perfectly suit the purpose of mood lighting.

The LED luminaires by Crompton can be easily integrated into any household. Furthermore, they have been designed so that it complements the interior decor of your house.

Built-in microwave ovens

Innovation is the key when it comes to Crompton products. They have a wide range of built-in ovens to ease the functioning of the kitchen. The built-in microwave ovens are designed to save money and increase efficiency around your house.

Built-in dishwasher

Designed to fit the convenience and effectiveness of the household, the built-in dishwashers are aimed at easing the workload. These can be easily installed in your household and perfectly serve the purpose.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for appliances for your house? Crompton is one of the leading brands in India. They ensure to deliver the best results. Moreover, they contribute towards saving electricity. Being one of India’s leading electrical appliance brands, Crompton offers what it promises.