Where To Move In Canada?

If you’re planning on moving to Canada, you may be curious about the top places to live for expats in the country. Canada is a vast country with a wide range of activities and attractions to suit various tastes. Canada has one of the world’s most outstanding immigration rates, thanks in part to the country’s stunning natural landscapes, as well as its vibrant nightlife.

Are you unsure about where you want to call home in Canada? These Canadian cities have a high percentage of international residents. These top five cities have some of the highest overall living standards in the country. Regardless of where you plan to move, you must look for reliable long-distance movers before moving.

The Best Cities To Move To In Canada

You’ll discover friendly expat communities in all of the cities listed here. You can meet and network with other expats, share information, and participate in fun local activities and community groups.


  1. Vancouver

Due to its natural beauty and diversified, friendly population, Vancouver is a popular destination for expats. There are stunning mountains all around it, and the Pacific Ocean stretches out in every direction. Skiing, snowboarding, surfing, whale watching, and other outdoor activities are all quite popular here.

Health care, culture, education, and the environment are all highly rated in this community. This cosmopolitan city is an excellent place for newcomers from all over the world to settle in. Nearly half of the people here do not have English as their first language.

  1. Toronto

Due to its wide range of cultures, Toronto is a welcoming city for newcomers. Toronto, like Vancouver, is a diverse and accepting city where newcomers should have no problem fitting in. Most people are immigrants from other countries, making it a multicultural city. Toronto is the most ethnically diverse metropolis in Canada, with residents hailing from over 230 different countries.

  1. Calgary

Calgary, Canada’s safest city, has one of the lowest crime rates in the country, making it a popular choice for expats. Because of its cowboy culture, conservative politics, and social policies, Calgary has earned the moniker of being the most “American” of all Canadian cities. The city does not have the same level of multiculturalism as, say, Vancouver or Toronto, despite its best efforts to change this perception.

Outdoor activities abound in this Canadian city, as do several artistic and cultural attractions. It’s no surprise that expats like this top metropolitan because of the low crime rate, minimal sales taxes, and excellent public transit.

  1. Montréal

The city of Montreal was called after a nearby three-peaked hill. Expats should keep in mind that rentals in this area are often lower than in Toronto, which is a favorite destination for expats. Montréal, Canada’s fifth-best city for expats, should be at the top of your list if you’re considering relocating there. For the most part, people in this city enjoy the work-life balance and the variety of housing alternatives that are both inexpensive and easy to locate. The prevailing consensus is that living here is good.

One thing that appears to unite expats is their dissatisfaction with living in Montréal: the weather. Winters are long, cold, windy, and snowy in this region, so it’s understandable why people dislike it so much. Health care access in the city is also a point of contention for several people that relocate here.

  1. Ottawa

Canada’s capital city offers everything a great capital city should have: culture, shopping, dining, and entertainment. Although it lacks the dynamism of other Canadian cities, it is nevertheless a popular choice for many. Expect to discover many job openings, affordable housing with low crime rates and a thriving cultural scene, as well as many green areas for bike rides and unhurried picnics in the area you’re considering moving to.

It’s a good idea to learn more about each city, check aspects that matter to you before making your final decision. Contact reputable long-distance movers in advance and plan your move well to avoid glitches.