Tips for moving a piano

Pianos are heavy and quite valuable, you would not want to take chances while moving them, right? We all know that a piano has 88 keys, but did you know that the number of moving parts it has is more than 10,000? This makes the piano a delicate and complicated instrument, and moving it becomes a herculean task. Piano moving might look like an easy task and you will be tempted to do it on your own, but it can be quite a risky proposition. This is where a piano moving company comes to rescue as they are best equipped to do this job.

Things to keep in mind while moving a piano

By now you must have realized, that moving a piano is not a simple task. There are many things that need to be taken care of to ensure there is no damage to the piano and no injuries to the people involved. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. First and foremost, make sure the new place where you want to move the piano has sufficient area. Ask the professional to take measurements of the room, staircases, and door.
  2. Check with the service provider if they have necessary equipment. The equipment needed varies basis the type of piano, so the provider will ask you about the same.
  3. Discuss with the company about the size of moving truck that is needed.
  4. Make sure there is a clear path to move the piano without any obstacle.
  5. Make sure the piano is securely loaded and properly tied down.

While shifting a piano from one to another, it is always good to double-check if the piano is secured. Once the piano is moved to the new location, you will have to retune it, you might wait for a month before retuning as advised by many experts. You must not hesitate to ask for help, as professionals have the right equipment to lift, load and secure the piano. Lifting the piano without the right equipment like piano dollies or piano board is a strict no and you must never try doing it.

How to select a reliable piano moving company?

When you decide that you need to shift your piano, you will have to search for a company who provides professional moving service for pianos. Your initial search will surely throw up numerous results and leave you overwhelmed. Here are some features to look for in the company, to preempt the quality of service they will provide:

  1. A good company licensed and insured. If they don’t have the required license and insurance coverage, the company will most likely be a fraudster. Make sure you hire a legitimate company.
  2. Most of the reliable and reputed companies accept all payment methods like cash, check or card swipe. If the company insists on cash payment and their price is seemingly high, it might be a trap.
  3. Good companies offer a free quote basis a few standard questions that can ask you over a telephone call. You can also ask them for an on-site assessment for a proper detailed estimate.

Before you choose a company, make sure you research about their years of experience in the business and the crew members’ credentials. Reviews from previous customers and testimonials come handy during the research.

You surely value your piano a lot and it is either big investment that you made or something you inherited. Its safety must be your top priority, so make sure you choose a company which is known for following best practices to safety transport pianos.