What To Look At When Buying Face Masks

The invention of the Covid-19 vaccine has brought hope to most countries across the world. At last, the cure to the deadly virus is on the way. However, this has come with several disadvantages. Some people have grown careless and thrown all caution to the winds because they think once they’re vaccinated, they’re immune to the disease.

But the vaccine still doesn’t give you a foolproof shield against the virus. You still have to follow the health guidelines outlined by the CDC and WHO. One of these guidelines requires everyone to wear masks. The masks you wear may shield you from the virus or make you acquire it.

With numerous masks like the blue face mask on the market, selecting the right one can be daunting. This article highlights some things you need to look at when buying a face mask.

  1. Reusability

The WHO recommends buying disposable masks because it isn’t safe to wear one mask repeatedly. However, most people can’t afford to purchase masks every day. As a result, they opt for reusable masks.

The truth is, these masks can shield you from the disease if you practice a strict care and maintenance regimen. If you have around five reusable ones, you can wash and use them every day.

Fortunately, companies are manufacturing great reusable face masks. It’s advisable to buy the ones that meet the CDC standards and have two layers. However, some of them may come in single sizes and may not fit every face shape. If you’re in this category, it would be best to buy custom masks. Alternatively, you can purchase masks that have elastic and more flexible loops.

  1. Material

Fabrics have different abilities to absorb moisture, and some absorb moisture better than others. Face masks trap air against your face, and if you use them for an extended period, you may begin sweating. It’s not advisable to wear a sweaty mask because it may lead to complications.

Instead, it’s best to remove a mask once it becomes damp. So if you buy a mask that becomes dump quickly, you may have to replace it quite often. To avoid this problem, it’s best to purchase masks made from cotton and spandex. If you can, avoid buying polyester masks.

Polyester is water-resistant and doesn’t do a good job of absorbing sweat. So, it’s likely to make you feel sweaty and irritated all day long. A good mask should absorb sweat and take some time before becoming damp.

  1. Color

The mask you buy doesn’t have to be strange-colored. You can still look stylish even with your mask on. Though some masks come in specific colors, you can opt for multi-colored ones to help you make a fashion statement. Brighter masks are considered fashionable than darker ones.

Some masks are even made with coral patterns that can match your outfit. However, they may be more expensive than plain masks.

Final Words

Masks have become essential accessories in our daily lives. You have to wear them to protect yourself from getting Covid-19. Fortunately, they come in various colors, sizes, and types, which gives you a wide variety to select from.