Dedicated IP Hosting: Advantages for You

When it comes to hosting providers, understanding all the features that they offer might be a little bit tricky. One of these is dedicated IP hosting. It is necessary to know what dedicated IP hosting can offer before getting the service. The term IP stands for Internet Protocol and the abbreviation is more famous than the main term. It is a string of numbers that helps to identify a computer connected with the internet.

When it comes to website, IP address indicates the server where the files from the concerned website are being stored. IP addresses are part of one giant book of addresses called Domain Name System. A dedicated IP is solely connected with one domain and not shared by others domains. Even the IP address will take you to the website.

Easy access

If you need to check your website even before launching, Dedicated IP will allow you to do that. A server can be directly accessed remotely at any point of time with the IP address if it is a dedicated one. Direct server access is one of the main highlights of this and there is no need to change the setting of DNS.

Special requirement

Shared IP addresses are very common and most applications run with these. But there are some unique apps and certain scripts which require a dedicated IP address. Before running such scripts or apps, make sure about whether these require a dedicated IP or not.

Email capability

When working on a shared IP, there are also others who are working on it. One of the users might get this IP blacklisted. Once you get a dedicated IP, there will never be a problem of blacklisting. You emailing capability will also not be affected. A business having transactions in bitcoins can choose bitcoin hosting.