When should I rent a portable toilet?

Portable toilet also known as porta-potty is a modern innovation and a marvel which exhibits both convenience and simplicity. A portable toilet is very easy to rent, safe for the environment and convenient to those who use it. It also gives an ethical and legal method of waste disposal. With its features like easy installation and low cost, the porta-potties find use in multiple scenarios where setting up a permanent restroom is not possible. Whether it’s a large gathering or a worksite portable toilets rental services come to rescue to create a conducive environment for the guests or the workers.

Common uses of portable toilet

Here are some of the most common scenarios where you can rent a portable toilet and create a temporary solution where people can attend to the nature’s call.

  1. Construction worksites: Having portable toilets at worksites ensures easy access to restrooms to the workers and keeps the site free from contamination. In a clean and convenient environment, workers are bound to be more productive and contribute better. If a worksite is in a remote area, a portable toilet becomes a necessity.
  2. Events: Events like weddings, concerts, festivals are usually gatherings of numerous people. Portable toilets supplement the existing washrooms available at the site in such scenarios. If the crowd does not have access to proper toilets, it will take seconds for them to become an angry set of people from happy ones.
  3. Races and marathons: When long distance races are held, portable toilet are needed, particularly when the races take place in remote areas. The planning committee identifies strategic spots of placing the portable toilets.
  4. Camping grounds: Hiking and camping are frequently undertaken by many people throughout the year. In absence of convenient access to toilets, the sites are bound to get destroyed by continuous contamination.
  5. Movie sets: Porta-potties are the best way to create convenient access to toilets for the crew members. This keeps the movie set clean and ensures the crew can come back to the set on time after using the toilet.

Questions to ask before you rent portable toilet

There are plenty options available if you consider renting a portable toilet and there are countless service providers. Asking the below questions to the service provider will help you make the right choice.

  1. The number of portable toilets you need: This should be the first question you must ask the service provider. The company will consider the approximate number of people expected, the time duration for which the toilet will be used and the other arrangements.
  2. The cost of services: Once you get an estimate of the number of porta-potties you will need, the next step is to get a quote on the commercials. While deciding, you must not go with the cheapest option, but choose one with maximum features that fits your budget.
  3. The cleaning schedule: Longer rental periods need more maintenance and hence, you must not hesitate from this question. You must ask about how often the toilets will be cleaned and what all entails the cleaning process.
  4. When the tank needs to be emptied? The tank of portable toilets has a limited capacity and needs to be emptied before it overflows. The service provider will be able advice you appropriately.
  5. The waste disposal method: Opting for a service provider who disposes waste in a responsible manner will give you the peace of mind of not causing damage to the environment.

Asking these questions will help you gather most of the required details about the service provider. Also, try to gather some reviews and testimonials before you make the final choice.