Types And Treatment Of Various Hair Damage

Hair damage is nothing but The damage the teach cost in the outer layer of cuticle and hair. The opening of the cuticle makes the hair shaft more susceptible to damage. Many characters of her can be seen if the hair gets damaged. It includes roughness of hair, lacklustre, brittle, dry, tangled, ผมเสีย, fridge and unmanageable.

Types of hair damage

There are several ways in which your hair may get damaged. The following are the signs of a damaged hair-

  • Dull and dryness of hair is a type of hair damage. The damage here gets deprived of natural oils In the outer layer of hair. This is caused due to loosening of hair and its shine. Different kinds of shampoos are available containing hearts chemicals that can damage the natural oils present in your hair and scalp. It would be best if you always wash your hairless and use the shampoos that always suit your hair type.
  • Tangles is also a type of head damage that each cause due to raising cuticles that creates friction between the headstands and also cause them to get always intertwined. Due to the lack of moisture in hairs, it can get aggravated in many situations. It would be best if you always brushed using a white tooth comb starting at the bottom, and it also helps to work your way up. Oils, detangling sprays, masks and conditioners come to rescue your hairs.
  • When all the cuticle doesn’t lay flat, then it may cause damage to hair called frizz. It always appears on this surface level top and crown level of hair and also at the ends. That made the hair, and humidity can also cause frizz in hairs. Serums can also be used that helps in taming frizz.
  • At the end of hairs, the heads get split when it strands and splits into two different types. It also leads to brittle hair that is more prone to cause breakage of hairs. Serums, hair dusting and another conditioner can be used to fix the problems of split ends effectively.

Many people use heat treatment to do hair styling such as straightening, blow-drying, curling that opens the cuticle and makes hair porous. YouTube high-temperature heads get damaged and get weak. While styling your hair, it’s more important to keep your blow dryer With a certain distance from your hair of about 6 inches.