Here Are a Few Things You May Not Know About Your Bike Insurance Plan

Two-wheelers are among the most preferred options for automobiles in the country. With bikes, you get to move through heavy traffic without any issues. Along with this, parking is never a problem when you have a two-wheeler. However, bikes are quite susceptible to accidents and thefts. Therefore, you must take the correct precautions to protect your vehicle. One of the best ways to protect your vehicle is getting a bike insurance plan.

Bike insurance plans will offer you financial coverage if something happens to your vehicle. With two-wheeler insurance policies, you can be at peace knowing that your automobile is protected from unprecedented issues. While purchasing a two-wheeler insurance is an easy task these days, there are a few things that you may not know about your two-wheeler insurance plan.

Things You May Not Know About Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Given below are some things that you may not know about your bike insurance plan:

  1. You can adjust your bike insurance plan based on your requirements: Most bike owners know that the bike insurance premium changes based on the model, engine capacity, manufacturing year, etc. However, you can also get customised bike insurance plans designed for your specific needs. This can be done with the help of add-ons. You can select the add-ons that you deem necessary. This way, you can create a set of add-ons for your insurance plan that will help you get the required coverage.
  2. Roadside assistance add-on offers multiple services: The roadside assistance add-on is among the most important add-ons for your bike insurance plan. It includes services like on-spot repairs, fuel refill, on-call assistance, accommodation expenses, etc. In addition, the add-on becomes your protector in the event your bike breaks down unexpectedly.
  3. Cashless facilities are offered for bike insurance plans: Generally, individuals think the cashless facility is available only for health insurance plans. However, you can get a cashless facility for a bike insurance claim. To avail of the cashless facility for your bike insurance, you must take your damaged vehicle to a network garage of your insurer. As your insurer has a tie-up with the network garage, you will only have to provide your insurance details to get the damage repairs done.
  4. You are protected legally with bike insurance: A few legal consequences are involved when you’re involved in an accident with a third party. For instance, owning a third-party bike insurance cover for your bike is a legal compulsion if you’re a bike owner. In addition, you won’t have to stress over the cost of the repairs or medical bills involving a third party when you have a third-party cover.
  5. You can file a claim for a lost key: Bike keys have become a bit expensive because of the constant advancements in technology. And since keys are quite small, it is easy to lose or misplace them. You will get coverage for the lost key when you include the key protect add-on in the bike insurance policy. The insurance company can also replace the key and lock if there is an attempt to steal the bike.
  6. Basic coverage does not cover your engine: The engine is among the most expensive parts of the two-wheeler. The repair or replacement cost of the engine parts can be a bit on the higher side. If you wish to get coverage for your engine, you must get an add-on that includes coverage for damage to the bike engine.
  7. You can buy a bike insurance policy online: In the past, purchasing bike insurance was quite difficult as most individuals had to physically visit the insurer, submit several documents, and carry out the purchase. However, these days, purchasing two-wheeler insurance is quite simple. You can directly visit your preferred insurer’s website to purchase the insurance for your two-wheeler online. In addition, insurers like Tata AIG also offer online renewal of two-wheeler insurance. You can also access different tools like online bike insurance calculators through the insurer’s website.
  8. You can follow certain tricks to lower your premium: You can opt for a voluntary deductible, provide the correct IDV, install anti-theft devices, and avoid filing claims for minor issues to reduce your bike insurance premium. Following these tricks can be quite helpful to lower the premium amount.
  9. Your insurance coverage is only limited to inside the country: Your bike’s insurance coverage is only limited to the accidents and damages inside the country. Any damages that occur outside may not be covered under the plan.

Learning about these things before your bike insurance purchase can help you immensely in the future.


Getting bike insurance plans will help you protect your two-wheeler from different situations like thefts, accidents, etc. However, you must learn a few things about bike insurance plans before purchasing one for yourself. For instance, you can follow certain tips to lower your insurance premium amount. Learning about these things before the purchase will help you plan your purchase and make an informed decision.