Home delivery of propane gas: Precautions to follow

When it comes to residential fuels, propane is easily one of the most popular choices in Canada. Plenty of homeowners use propane for cleaning, heating, drying, and a host of other purposes. Propane also happens to be one of the safest fuels due to its high burning point, odorant, and puncture-resistant fuel tanks. However, it is still inflammable, and precautions are necessary to avoid fire hazards.

How to get propane delivered safely to your home?

Unlike natural gas, which reaches homes through pipelines, you would have to store propane in a tank. Here are a few tips on safe propane home delivery:

  1. Use an underground propane tank

Firstly, remember that there are two ways to store propane. You can either purchase small, portable propane tanks and replace them once empty, or keep a large underground tank and refill it as needed. The latter option happens to be far safer, as the propane would remain stored in a strong and durable tank outside your home.

  1. Professional transportation

Make sure to hire professional transportation services for the home delivery of your propane. This is because experienced personnel know how to handle propane with care. The leading companies deliver propane through tankers that are in flawless condition, without any chance of leaks or other accidents.

  1. Store your propane safely

While refilling a propane tank, never fill more than 80% of its capacity. The remaining space is necessary to allow the expansion of propane and various other gases that form. Not leaving space for the fuel to expand can result in disastrous explosions. Check your tank after snowfalls and remove any snow stuck in the vents or the tubing. The tank ventilation must be always clear, making it imperative to clean obstructions regularly.

  1. Maintain your propane tank well

While a propane tank is safe and durable, it does require maintenance. Get your tank inspected once a year to look for any potential problems. In case your tank runs dry, you would have to get a leak test done. However, an easy way to avoid this hassle is to refill your tank early so that it doesn’t run out of propane.

  1. Hire the right company

Besides hiring professional propane home delivery services, it is also imperative to choose the right company for it. This is because the most reliable companies always undertake every necessary safety measure to avoid accidents. They would also take all the necessary precautions while refilling your tank.

  1. Take care while transporting propane tanks

If you are going to buy portable propane tanks, make sure to move them very carefully. These tanks should always be upright and should not roll around during transportation. Although the tanks have strong outer bodies, it is necessary to ensure that they do not hit other objects. The valve of the tank must remain tightly shut.

Propane safety tips to follow at home

Here are a few key safety tips to follow at home while using propane:

  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and make sure that they are fully functional. In case of a fire or a leak, early detection is crucial.
  • In case your propane tank suffers any damage, get it replaced or repaired only by experienced professionals.
  • If you smell a gas leak, extinguish all flames, remove electronic devices, and leave the building at once. You may then call emergency services to resolve the issue safely.
  • Do not leave any flammable materials near open flame.

As long as individuals stick to basic safety guidelines, propane is perfectly safe for residential use. You may go ahead and find yourself a reliable propane supplier without any hesitation.