Dental Visit For Children: What Should You Expect?

Taking your child for the first pediatric dentist visit is an exciting milestone. You have probably seen the child’s teeth and want to find more doubt about dental care from the dentist’s mouth. That said, it is okay to be nervous before you book an appointment with the dentist.

However, visiting Calvine children’s dentistry can be great fun when you prepare well. This article explains what you can expect the first time you walk into a pediatric dental clinic.

1 – Introduction

When this is your first appointment with the dentist, they will introduce themselves to make you feel at home. The dentist will examine your child’s mouth to make them more comfortable. He will look at signs of tooth decay, cavities, bad breath, gum diseases, and other dental health issues.

2 – Cleaning the Teeth

Once the dentist has diagnosed anything of concern, they will wash the child’s mouth and clean the teeth with special tools. In cavities and teeth decay, the cleaning may involve scraping off the plaque and tartar buildup, flossing between the teeth and polishing.

3 – Fluoride Treatment

You should expect fluoride treatment when you see a pediatric dentist for the first time. Fluoride treatment helps strengthen the child’s teeth and prevent tooth decay and cavities.

4 – X-ray for Detailed Examination

The dentist may also ask for dental X-rays to get a clear view of the child’s jawbone and teeth. This is important in teeth examination to determine if there are any underlying conditions that need an immediate remedy.

5 – Guide on Oral Health

On your first visit to Calvine children’s dentistry, the dentist will provide some tips on how dental care is for the child. They can also guide the child on how they can take care of their teeth. You should expect discussion on flossing techniques, how to brush teeth, what foods your child should eat for strong teeth, and why to consider regular dental checkups.

How to Prepare Your Child for Pediatric Dental Visits

When getting ready for your first dental visit for your child, you can apply some of these tips for a positive experience:

  • When you go for your usual dental checkup, you should take your child with you so they can see what usually happens. You can as well make a pre-visit to help the child familiarize with the dentist.
  • Book dental appointments early in the day
  • Only talk positive things about dental visits in front of your child
  • Make your child comfortable with the new surrounding by arriving at least 30 minutes before the dental appointment.
  • You can combine the dental visit with fun activities like a visit to the park

Final Thoughts

Taking your child for the first dental checkup ensures they grow healthy and strong teeth. On the first visit, you should expect a complete teeth examination. The pediatric dentist will examine the child’s teeth and advise you on best oral health tips to keep your child’s teeth healthy.