Advantages of Using a Call Handling Service

Call handling services enable companies to outsource inbound calls or parts of their phone answering to a professional service provider. Call handling is a service that enables businesses to outsource their inbound phone calls. The call handling service will answer calls on behalf of the company to ensure that all inquiries are handled properly. It can range from a simple automated answering service to a virtual receptionist who answers calls, gathers details, schedules meetings or appointments, and transfers calls to the appropriate team member. A virtual receptionist and a call answering service may be useful unless people work in a bubble and don’t need to talk to someone to develop a successful company.

The following are some of the advantages of using a call handling service:

24/7 service:

They need an appeal management service that will match all of their opening hours. Ensure that the selected company will maintain the standard, high standard of service at any time of the day.


People also don’t have to answer their telephones all the time. They can have peak times or need coverage only for overflow or training days. A standby answering service ensures that the transition is perfect and a team is ready to take over at a time.

CRM integration:

To avoid duplicating efforts, a successful call handling provider would be qualified and ready to use their current CRM tools to ensure that incoming calls are properly logged. They have database processes in place for a reason, so make sure the service provider they choose is GDPR-trained and ready to handle their data correctly.

Personal service:

While automation and bots appear to be on the rise, the personal touch will still be preferred. Even if they choose to start with a messaging service, having a live person on hand to communicate with customers can mean the difference between a good experience and a lost customer.

Bespoke responses:

Every answering service or receptionist wants to sound like a company extension. Make sure your preferred partner understands how they expect the phone to be answered and the tone of voice they want to hear from the customers.