What Support Might You Need in Running Your Business?

Running a business is a stressful endeavour, especially when you are taking on all of the responsibilities yourself. In this article, we explore three external partners that you can introduce to help run your operations and provide more support towards your journey of success.

Consult with a Commercial Insurance Broker

An important external partner who will help ensure your organisation thrive is a commercial insurance broker. These agents will help companies find the best suited coverage for their needs and budget. They have access to many different carriers with varying products in order to provide you with quotes from multiple places so that you can make an educated decision on what would be the right decision for your company’s specific situation. There is no point in spending hours researching various options when there is a trained broker ready to show you which commercial insurance packages stand head and shoulders above the rest. While it’s true the commercial insurance companies have their own departments of specialists who can answer your questions and help you find an appropriate policy, they will not be as involved in helping to maintain those policies as much as your agent will be. Similarly with accountants & auditors, there is no incentive for these professionals to stay on top of things because it does not generate any extra money or fees from them. An insurer’s job is done once they hand over a policy document which means that if something changes within your company, it might only come up as new information at renewal time meaning additional charges could result due to non-compliance issues.

Find a Reliable Accountant

While they won’t help you in the same regard as a commercial insurance broker, one of the most important external partners you will need is still your accountant. Your accountant can help ensure that all relevant financial records are kept, and reports are generated in a timely manner to keep your business running smoothly. An accountant should be able to advise on any tax implications, including if there are any opportunities for you to claim back money to reduce your liabilities, such as through asset purchases and working from home expenses. Also, an accountant can work with your bookkeeper or accounts payable team, so they have accurate information about what’s going on in terms of your cashflow position to provide advice on how better to structure your operations. Lastly, having a good relationship with an accountant who has experience working with businesses like yours means they will understand many aspects of your industry and the types of reports you need to see on a regular basis.

Engage with a Talented Digital Marketing Expert

Digital marketing is one of the most important fields in modern business. Your customers are online, and you need to be there, too! A digital specialist can help you navigate the world wide web so that your products or services can be seen by as many people as possible. These individuals will know exactly how to get more traffic to your website through SEO strategies, social media pages, content creation, and paid campaigns such as Google Adwords. They’ll also be able to analyse data from these pages so that you have more information about who is buying what, when, where, and why. This way you will always know whether or not money is being made on certain platforms. You could then use this knowledge to move into new mediums if something isn’t working, so you don’t waste time with things that aren’t fruitful!