University of Phoenix’s Introduces Brand New “How Tomorrow Works” Podcast

In today’s ever-changing world, anticipating upcoming trends in the workforce can be difficult. Yet it is important to consider how the future of education will impact job seekers looking to carve out a career path. Insights and discussions center around this issue in the “How Tomorrow Works” podcast.

“How Tomorrow Works” is a limited-series podcast hosted by University of Phoenix. The program’s goal is to unpack the truth about career development in 2021. Each of the podcast’s six episodes presents anecdotal research on the truth about career development in today’s world. While the job search process can become a full-time job in itself, the “How Tomorrow Works” podcast gives career development tips in an accessible, quick format. This way, listeners can comb through the facts without taking an excessive amount of time out of their busy schedules.

Offering Perspectives from Academic Advisors

If you are thinking about going back to school but are struggling with where to begin, the Ivan Nicholson episode is a great place to start. Nicholson specifically discusses the future of education and careers in the context of remote work. Since the workforce has become more acclimated to work from home opportunities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, job seekers should consider how the future of remote work could impact their career path. Tuning in to hear advice directly from an experienced University of Phoenix academic advisor is a chance to broaden your insight into making higher education work for you and your schedule.

Nicholson is an academic advisor at University of Phoenix who encourages his students to think about how their education can serve their career goals. Beyond helping students select courses and identify academic opportunities, Nicholson also encourages them to use all of the benefits the University offers its student body. These include career resources to prepare for the future of education such as interview preparation and networking with University alumni.

Nicholson has worked at University of Phoenix for over a decade and specializes in helping scholarship students and military students. His longevity at the University attests to his broad-based expertise. Nicholson’s experience at University of Phoenix introduced him to adult learners from all backgrounds. He now serves as the vice lead of the African American Council for Excellence, a University of Phoenix employee resource group. In addition to his leadership role with the Council, Nicholson is a member of the commencement team, assisting with graduation ceremonies for University of Phoenix students.

How to Conquer a Career Plateau

The second episode of the “How Tomorrow Works” podcast highlights marketing instructor Don Braunstein, who has taught at University of Phoenix for 13 years. Braunstein has worked in several different industries throughout his career. He entered the workforce as a chemical engineer and later transitioned into publishing, so it is safe to say that Braunstein’s diverse experience introduced him to what it takes to achieve professional mobility.

Don firmly believes that the secret to overcoming the feeling of being stuck in a job is to harness your people skills. You should perceive your colleagues as more than people who happen to work for the same organization that you do. Your colleagues are not tools you use when you need them, only to put them down when their use is complete. Challenge yourself to check in with your coworkers about what you have in common beyond your workplace such as how you spend your free time. These interpersonal skills are transferable to any industry and will help you get ahead during periods of transition.

Overcoming a plateau in your career development also requires honest reflection on whether your job is a good fit for you. In an episode with University of Phoenix alumna and Atlanta Hawks Chief HR Executive Camye Mackey, she discussed the importance of getting to know an organization’s company culture. Mackey specifically notes that it is important to pay attention to how a workplace treats its employees and whether their words match their actions. Having the ability to decipher whether you feel stuck at work because of your company culture or your industry can guide you in identifying your next opportunity.

About University of Phoenix

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