Tips to Make Your Air Coolers Perform Better

Summers are not for everyone, but thanks to cooling appliances like an air cooler, people can handle the scorch within their homes. In the time when air conditioners are becoming more, numerous households still put their trust in air coolers. And why not? Air coolers save time, money, cool the surrounding, and stay functional for a long time.

There are a wide range of air coolers available in the market, so you can find a suitable one in no time. Be it a personal cooler for your room or a window air cooler for saving space; there is one for everyone. However, as it is an electric appliance, meaning it requires to be handled with delicacy.

Over time, you will notice that your air cooler is functioning less effectively, and that is bound to happen for any electronic appliance. But it does not mean you cannot persevere its performance to increase its durability and efficiency. Let us take a look at some quick tips to improve your air cooler’s performance.

Top Tips to Enhance Your Air Cooler’s Performance

Check the Wirings before the Summer

After summer, we keep the coolers off for almost a year till the heat strikes again. Before using it regularly the next year, it is a good practice to keep a proper check for any issues.

It all starts with a minor task such as checking the wirings before starting the summer season. Over time, issues like worn insulation and poor wiring can occur within your air cooler. It can affect both its durability and efficiency, so you must inspect the wirings before running the cooler.

The chances of damages to the wire is unlikely, but you should give it a go anyways.

Keep the Room Well-Ventilated

The major difference between an air-conditioner and an air cooler is that the latter functions optimally within a well-ventilated space. If you want your personal cooler to perform at its best, you must ensure it is receiving a seamless airflow by keeping it in a well-ventilated area. Not only does it improve the cooler’s performance, but it also kicks out the humidity from the premise.

Add Ice Cubes in the Tray

An air cooler uses water as its fuel, but most people do not realize that adding ice cubes to the water can improve its cooling properties. Make sure to add ice regularly to the tray so that you keep getting cool air. This is especially helpful at night as the cool breeze will assure you a good night’s sleep. Coolers like Optimus 65i from Crompton come with an ice tray so you are guaranteed to get cool air.

Change the Cooling Pads

While it is a given, many people still forget to change the cooling pads at the season’s start. The cooling pads play a crucial role in the cooling process, and a slight defect in them can affect the appliance’s efficiency.

Using rugged cooling pads hinders the cooling quality and wastes electricity as well. So try to install new cooling pads to ensure your air cooler is running at its best.

Keep the Cooler in Front of a Window

It is common knowledge that air coolers function on evaporative cooling’s principle. Therefore, placing an air cooler in front of a window can enhance its performance. Doing so allows the hot air to be evaporated quickly, allowing the fresh air from the window air cooler to fill the room. You can even adjust the cooler’s placement to check where it will offer the best cooling.

Clean the Air Cooler before the Season

After getting the cooler ready for the season, the first thing to do is clean it properly. Clean the parts thoroughly before switching it on.

Another tip for cleaning an air cooler is to use cold water as it ensures the appliance functions smoothly. You also need to flush the water tank and make sure there are no leakages. A quick wipe over the fans will also help the cooler function at its optimal.

Be Delicate with the Cooler

Despite its durability, an air cooler must be handled with care. Follow some quick tips to ensure the appliance is not damaged:

  • Keep the cooler on even surfaces
  • Keep the cooler switched off before moving it
  • Refrain from playing with the blades or fans

While the tips are obvious, ensure to apply them to allow your air cooler a longer functional life.

Wrapping Up

Air coolers are one of the most popular cooling appliances, and understandably so. The appliance can keep up with ACs when it comes to cooling, and that too at affordable prices. However, the same can only be achieved if you take proper care of your air coolers.

The blog has outlined several tips to ensure your air cooler functions at its best. You can apply additional tips like turning off the lights and shutting down the drapes to assist the cooler. If you are looking for the best air cooler in India with an affordable cooler price, go for brands like Crompton that offer assured quality at an affordable price.