The Different International Schooling Options Available In Bangkok

We all want what is best for our children, and this includes giving them the best education that is possible. If you and your family are moving to, or already living in Bangkok, then you have various options that are open to you when it comes to educating your children. Below you will find some of the popular curriculums that are on offer, which can help you find and select the best schooling option for you and your family.

The British Curriculum

One of the most popular curriculum choices for expatriates and their families is the British curriculum, which is the official curriculum of England. The are many private schools throughout Thailand that use this to educate their pupils, and many government-run schools have also adopted the British curriculum. Your children can work towards IGCSE`s (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) up until Key Stage four when they will next do a two-year course to take their Advanced Level classes before heading off to university.

The American Curriculum

The American curriculum is also one that is popular with many parents, and some of the most prestigious schools in Thailand have adopted in their schools. When you are looking for an American school in Thailand, there is plenty of choices available. With a little searching, you will be able to find a suitable school that is affordable, not too far away, and will provide your children with the foundations of an excellent education. If you are planning on sending your children to an American university, they can sit their SAT`s in grade 11, which will enable them to apply if their grades are sufficient.

The International Baccalaureate

There are over 4000 schools around the world which have adopted the International Baccalaureate program for educating children. Something which sets this system apart from others is the way that it encourages independent critical thinking and embraces multilingualism. Opting for this type of education for your children is an excellent idea when you are an expatriate living in Bangkok and exposes your children to a diverse and multicultural education which will pay benefits for then when they are grown.

The Australian Curriculum

Another popular curriculum for parents to choose when looking for a school for their children is the Australian curriculum. There are over 100 schools in South East Asia using this curriculum, although when compared to the British or American, some consider it to be limited. It is a curriculum which is still evolving since being first introduced in 2012 and offers a balanced education.

These are just a few of the different curriculums you will find at international schools in Bangkok, but there are a lot more besides. For more information on the available curriculums in Thailand, please click here.