How To Follow the AFL Matches and Understand the Game for Better Bets

Australians love sport and betting. AFL betting was originally seen as a way of showing support and loyalty for your favourite team. It is much more than that now. Sharp sports bettors have made betting on the AFL more than a hobby. With research and discipline betting on the AFL can return great profits

The Different Types of AFL Bets and How They Work

AFL betting provides wonderful opportunities for well-prepared bettors. With so many different markets available on every match there is something for everyone. Here are some of the more popular AFL bet types:

AFL betting has exploded in popularity in recent years and this has led to an emergence of different bet types. Below are the most popular AFL bet types:

Head-to-Head Betting is the simplest bet type. You pick a team and place a bet on them to win the match. If they win, you win!

Line Betting or Handicap Betting as it is sometimes referred to, involves placing a bet on the matches outcome based on the betting “line” which is the number that the bookmaker has Collingwood to win that match or lose by 11 points or less.

Future Bets are a bet on the outcome of an event across the whole season. Markets include Top 4, Premiership, and Rising Star winner.

Total Points Markets are displayed as an over/under market. It is a bet on the total number of points scored by the teams competing. This is a bet on the style of game expected and/or the prevailing conditions for the match.

Exotic & Prop Bets have exploded in popularity in recent years and are a great way to enjoy AFL matches. They are a bet on a particular event happening during the match.  For example, the first Goalscorer in the match.

Understanding the Rules and Strategies of AFL

Australian Rules Football is played on a large oval where dimensions can vary slightly, with 18 players per team on the field at any time. The game is fast flowing where players move the ball by either kicking or handballing towards goal. There is no offside rule and players can move to any part of the ground they want to at any time.

Here are three key aspects to look at before placing a bet on an AFL match:

  1. Match Style – Some teams like to be free flowing while others base their gameplan on defence. It is crucial to identify how the teams are likely to play on matchday. The “points for” and “points against” columns on the AFL ladder are a great place to start.
  2. Injuries – AFL is a physical game and injuries play a part in the success and failure of teams each season. An injury to a key player can make a big difference to a team’s winning chances which may be underestimated by the oddsmakers.
  3. Coaches – A coach can make a big difference to the winning chances of a team. Successful coaches have a terrific winning percentage over time and are the punters best friend. Geelong coach Chris Scott has a winning rate of close to 70% and betting against the cats is fraught with danger.

Tips for Analysing AFL Matches and Statistics

Every sport may have its own rhythm and quirks, but one thing about sports betting remains the same, DO YOUR RESEARCH! With only 18 teams and nine games a weekend there is no excuse to not be prepared. With all week to research the stats for the upcoming matches

Remember this – Bookies MUST put up the odds for AFL matches. Bettors don’t HAVE to bet. That is your advantage.

How to Follow the Latest News and Developments in AFL

Keeping up to date with the latest news is essential before placing AFL bets. Is the key forward injured? Is it going to rain? Has the star player been suspended? All these factors are crucial to weigh up before placing a wager.

There are a number of great websites and TV shows that give round the clock news updates about the AFL while it is also wise to listen to pregame commentary in the lead up to matches for last minute weather conditions.  The AFL website is with injury updates and with a dedicated 24-hour AFL television channel there is no excuse to not be prepared!


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