How to Find an Affordable Moving Company

Moving your belongings from one place to another can be an expensive affair. In addition to finding a new house, buying or renting, you will also need to save money for small home repairs and finding ways to relocate. Unless you plan your relocation budget carefully and follow it, you might end up spending much more than you have planned.

The entire process of finding an affordable moving company in Toronto must be taken seriously. If you make a little mistake, it can lead you to a possible worst scenario. This is the reason you must not rush this process. Instead, do some research and then figure out what your requirements are from a moving company.

In this way, you will be in the best position to ask important questions to the potential company and mention your needs. However, if your main goal is to look for affordable movers Toronto, it does not mean you must opt for the cheapest one as its price is low. But do not stress, if you make it point to consider few important things when looking for an affordable moving company, you will find one that suits your requirement.

These are some important things to consider when finding an affordable moving company:

  • Start your search well in advance

You must take referrals from friends and relatives and contacting a few recommended movers at least 4-5 weeks in advance of your final moving date. If you must move during the busy summer months, it is absolutely important to start taking estimates from reliable moving companies as you can get lucky to get an early bird discount at times.

  • Get written guarantees

If the moving company offers you any form of a price guarantee, you must insist to put in writing. This will bind them and therefore, they cannot revert even if they get new customers.

  • Request for an in-home survey

You must insist on the moving company to send their representatives to your house to see what items are to be moved and talk about the services you will need. Be cautious, if the mover refuses to do so. This is an important move, as by offering cheap moving services, you must not be scammed in any way.

  • Ask for a detailed cost estimate

Any relocation cost is mostly calculated on several factors. If it is a local move, the cost is based on the number of men and the number of hours needed to complete the move. And if it is a long-distance move, the weight of the shipment is combined with the distance, right from the origin to the destination, to find out the transportation costs. Price for additional services such as automobile transport, packing, pet relocation, etc. must be itemized separately on your quotation. A reliable and professional moving company would prepare a properly detailed, written estimate covering all charges (taxes) listed. Please, beware of a moving company that does not present a detailed estimate or a bill.

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