How to adjust a Wire Stripping Tool

To ensure the safety and durability of your electrical connections, it is important to start with accurate and clean wire stripping. It is vital to remove the outer layer of plastic without accidentally nicking the wires below. When a wire is nicked, it could cause an electrical short or result in the connection being broken. 

What wire stripping tools should you use?

Several wire stripping tools can be utilised for this task, including a manual wire stripper and a self-adjusting wire stripper. 

What is a manual wire stripper?

A manual wire stripper is just a pair of opposing blades that look similar to a pair of scissors. They come with several notches of different sizes that allow the notch size to be matched by the user to the size of the wire, which is crucial for ensuring that the wire will not be damaged. 

There may also be different features, such as the likes of an ergonomic handle, a locking mechanism and a screw-cutting ability, depending on the particular brand. 

Although wires can be stripped just by using a knife, the wire could be damaged if the metal is nicked or cut into, and it can also be dangerous for the user as It is very easy for a knife to slip and cause an injury. 

What is a self-adjusting wire stripping tool?

A self-adjusting wire stripping tool is capable of automatically stripping wires by having the wire positioned between the teeth before the handle is squeezed. They can strip almost any type of wire perfectly every time. There may also be some extra features on some brands that help with the cutting or crimping of both insulated and non-insulated wires. 

Self-adjusting wire strippers are also used to strip several insulated wires at once and remove sheaths. They can also be used in the modification of EL wire. The EL wire should be positioned in the centre of the teeth with the knob and then adjusted to reduce its grip on the wire. It is important to ensure that the corona wires are not positioned directly below the teeth while stripping the wire. 

Wire wrap tool

A wire wrap tool can wrap a wire around a pin. If you are using this tool, then it is a good idea to see if there is a built-in stripper blade already placed in the middle to strip the thin wire. If that is the case, all that needs to be done is to place the wire in between the blades and then pull. 

Stripping the wire

When stripping the wire manually, squeeze the handles of the tool around a quarter of an inch from the end of the wire or the preferred length with the right notch, and then give it a slight twist. This will cut the insulation free. 

By having the wire strippers pulled to the end of the wire, the insulation will be able just to slide off. 

The wire size should be matched to the corresponding notch. 

It is vital to use the right wire stripping tool to get the best result.