How Glasses Will Be a Thing Of The Past

With the technology that keeps improving, most people with vision problems might have switching their style from wearing glasses to other advanced options that are available. Some might try to have Lasik eye surgery, so they won’t be required to use of eyeglasses anymore. The rest might prefer to wear contact lenses, since this option is less expensive and contact lenses can make them feel more comfortable while being active in their daily life than wearing the eyeglasses.

Especially, now it is much easier to get contact lenses, because not only we can find it in store nearby, we can also purchase Australian contact lenses online. However, with so many changes that are currently happening thanks to the advancement of technology, the question is whether the glasses would really become a thing in the past.

Before we find out the right answer to that question, there are some facts about glasses that you need to know.

The pros of glasses

One certain advantage of wearing eyeglasses is the simplicity that this item is capable to offer. Glasses are much simpler to wear, if we compare it to Trueye contact lenses. They don’t need to be cleaned all the time, as a result they don’t need much care. Wearing glasses means you don’t have to touch your eyes, because you can take them on and off as you pleased. Moreover, you don’t also need to worry that you may hurt your eyes unconsciously, as the glasses will not have a direct contact with your eyes.

Furthermore, you can also choose your favorite frames that fit your style and meet your needs. You don’t have to change your glasses if your visions remain the same. Therefore, you won’t need to spend a lot of money, because you might only need to buy one glasses if your visions remain the same from time to time.

The cons of glasses

On the other hand, eyeglasses also have disadvantage. The glasses might worsen your visions, especially if you have astigmatism or strong recipe at the edge of your lenses. The other cons are that you might be disturbed by the weight of the glass’s frames on your nose or ears. This makes some people don’t really feel comfortable wearing glasses.

Glasses cannot be the best option for those who often do sport activities.

The lenses can get foggy and splattered by water, which will certainly disturb your view. Other than that, it can easily fall if the users whip their head a lot. This condition might turn into a disaster, because the glasses may be broken at the end of the day, because it is suddenly stepped on or sit on. As consequences, the users will definitely require to replace the broken glasses with the new one. This also means that they need to spend some cash to get a new pair of glasses.

Despite of all the cons, glasses might not be a thing in the past anytime soon, because of the benefits it brings. Not many people are good candidates for refractive surgery (LASIK, etc.). Also, not everyone can easily and successfully wear contact lenses properly, since not everyone is able to put the lenses perfectly on their eyes. They might feel inconvenient because of their own attempt to place their lenses on their eyes, because they need to open their eyes and touch the surface with the lens. Nevertheless, if the technology for visions keeps improving, then there will be bigger chance that glasses will be totally replaced, this is why there will be a shift where many people will choose to buy online contact lenses