Comparison Between Roof Replacement And Re-Roofing

As you all know roof is the most important element of your home, hence you must make the biggest investment for this part of your home. If the roof is properly installed then it will offer you the best return on investment.

When your roof begins to show various signs of damage, then often it becomes difficult to decide whether you should go for total roof replacement or just re-roofing would be good enough. Well, to know the best option for roof repair please read further.

What is roof replacement?

When we talk about roof replacement then we are talking about entirely replacing your present roof. You can take this decision any time if you find that your roof is badly damaged. Your roof replacement will be your long-term solution for fixing various roofing issues and surely an expensive option to take.

When you are going for roof replacement then the old shingles will be stripped from your present roof. Thereafter an underlayment will be applied to your deck for protecting it from water or any other elements. New shingles will then be installed on the top of your underlayment for your new roof.

Roof replacement will be your best option when:

  • You are having multiple issues with your present roof deck
  • Your present roof and also shingles are damaged or in very poor condition.

The pros of replacing the roof

  • A completely replaced roof will last longer than re-roofing.
  • No matter what the number of shingle layers is present on the roof, it can still be done.
  • It is different from re-roofing, where it will cover up few issues with your deck, like a rot, which may eventually cause your roof to slowly give out, whereas a fully replaced roof will address all issues and offer you a completely sturdier and safer roof.
  • For a longer run, with roof replacement, you can save more money because it will enable you to identify all the early signs of sagging and rot caused due to water damage to your deck that can eventually permit water leaking and dripping down inside your walls where it may damage your flooring and drywall that lead to expensive repairs.

The cons of replacing the roof

  • Roof replacement will consume more time, materials, and labor as compared to re-roofing and hence it is going to be a more expensive project.

What is re-roofing?

In case of re-roofing, new shingles are layered over the existing ones, which can be done only once during the roof’s lifetime. Re-roofing will be your right option in the following cases:

  • Your roof almost nearing the end but still, it is in very good shape.
  • Your roof has few minor leaks, but no missing shingles, excessive moss/mildew growth, or major water damage.

Benefits of re-roofing

  • Offers extra protection without going for expensive roof replacement.
  • Can restore the appearance of your roof.
  • Easy and quick process.

So, if your roof is badly damaged then it will be the best option to go for total roof replacement otherwise if your roof is very old but still having a very little issue then roof replacement will be the right option.