Common Types Of Vehicle Accidents

Accidents might happen at any point in time whether you are in the parking lot, small neighborhood, small side road, or in the traffic. The resulting injuries are significantly affected by how these vehicles collide with each other. Such accidents might be caused by an array of factors ranging from lingering animals to a pedestrian crossing and even road obstruction by a utility pole or tree. Today we are going to take a look at the most common types of vehicle accidents:

  • Vehicle Rollover

These complex crashes are extremely violent. Here the vehicle flips over its roof or side on making a high-speed sharp turn. Tall vehicles having a high center of gravity like SUVs are most susceptible to such accidents. While the type of vehicle in question impacts the accident, some other factors like the road condition, the interaction of the driver, and also the environment can have a big role to play in triggering the same.

  • Rear-End Collision

Just as the name suggests, this accident is caused when one vehicle crashes into the other ahead of it. They occur mostly because of panic stops, tailgating, irregular road conditions causing reduced traction and distraction or inattention of the driver.

  • Head-On Collision

The front ends of two vehicles colliding cause this type of accident. Usually, this mishap occurs between vehicles traveling in two separate directions. Head-on collision usually leads to fatal outcomes especially when the vehicles approach each other at high speed. Such types of accidents can be avoided by being aware of the street conditions, traffic signs, and maintaining your lane while driving.

  • Side Impact Collision

Also known as T-bone or broadside collisions, these accidents usually impact the side of your vehicle. Such types of crashes are common at parking lots, intersections, and vehicles passing by on the roadway. While the impact of such collisions is usually severe, the ultimate result depends on the place where the vehicle is struck.

  • Single Car Accident

A solitary vehicle is involved in this accident. Some examples of such mishaps are drivers losing control over the vehicle due to drowsiness, brake malfunction, collisions with animals, collision with fallen debris, and run-off-road collisions.

  • Multiple Vehicle Pile-Up

These accidents involve a large number of vehicles and are common on highways or freeways. The ripple effect caused by these accidents can pose a potential threat to numerous vehicles and lives making it an extremely deadly one. Often vehicles involved in such accidents get hit multiple times and from different directions adding to the damage. The risk of serious injuries and life loss increases as cars spin during such a pile-up accident. Even if passengers somehow manage to escape from their vehicles, they stand at heightened risk of being hit by oncoming vehicles.

Final Words

If you have suffered from a vehicle accident, then you can seek out the help of professionals such as a semi-truck accident lawyer who can fight and negotiate in your favor. Drivers injured in the crash can even get a full settlement provided they are not at fault in the first place.