Common questions asked after a car accident

If I’ve experienced an accident what should I do?

First, you should make sure that all your passengers and you are safe. Second, make sure the other driver is alright, so long as you are physically capable. Shoot as many photographs of the scene of the accident as you possibly can. When police arrive and all the proper information has been traded, you should visit the hospital or your physician for a checkup (if you already were not taken for crisis care). Make certain to file all harms and tell your doctor if any new pain happens lately after your car accident. After you have this info, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer about your case.

I think I may be partly at fault. Am I able to still pursue a claim?

You could nevertheless have the ability to pursue a claim even when another driver was not 100% at fault. You can still recover a good amount, although the entire damages you receive may have deductions due to any fault you might have contributed. You will need to discuss your specific case with a lawyer to determine just how much you are able to recover.

If I was a passenger in a car am I able to pursue a claim?

Yes. Simply because you were not a motorist doesn’t mean you cannot harm and pursue a claim. According to the injury and both drivers’ insurance, you may be able to recover from all of them, so long as their insurance companies will willingly settle. Otherwise, you will need to take both parties to court to be able to guarantee damages.

How much will my car wreck case be worth?

This depends on a number of factors, including the amount of damage another motorist caused, if there is intoxication or any distraction included, how serious your injuries are, and also other issues. You will then need to discover the way much the insurance carrier or jury believes you want for coverage, and what sort of damages were incurred, for example how extensive your medical bills were. You can rest assured knowing you will receive a good sum when you work using a proficient attorney.

Do I actually require a lawyer to pursue damages?

Pursuing an injury claim might be far more complicated than many people realize. There are various factors that go into a case, such as proving neglect and fault, assessment of injuries, medical evidence, plus much more. Along with this, you may have to negotiate with tough insurance companies to get a fair settlement. With all the right legal advocates on your side, you can get the largest possible amount of compensation for your injuries.

What kind of damages can I recover for a car crash?

While every case is different and depends on the circumstances involved, most car accident claims include specific kinds of damages. These normally include medical debts, therapy prices, drug expenses, loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. You may even be able to recover punitive damages as well as damages directly related to your harm and suffering. These types of damages are awarded when blatantly dangerous and reckless behavior that results in serious injury is engaged in by a motorist. For instance, if your drunk driving causes a serious injury and life-altering injuries for an individual, they could have to cover punitive damages.