A Quick Guide to Microbilt’s Suite of Skip Tracing Tools

Debt collection can be tough at times. Debtors may not respond to calls and emails. While in some cases, there is no malicious intent to not pay dues and installments, in other cases, an individual or business may be untraceable. The debtor has essentially ‘skipped’ payments and obligation, and hence the term ‘skip tracing’. MicroBilt is one of the leading developers of skip tracing tools for collections, and they have a product for every stage of skip tracing. In this post, we are going to review their basic tools in short.

  • Super Phone. This is among the best skip tracing tools from the company that allows one to locate details of an individual using any combination. You can expect to find details like phone numbers, addresses, aliases, associated business & individual names. If you have to choose just one skip tracing product, this is the one to go for.
  • People Search. This is an early-stage skip tracing product from MicroBilt that allows creditors and collectors to find details like current & previous addresses, aliases, and associated phone details.
  • Enhanced People Search. A notch above the previous one is Enhanced People Search, which allows to find critical contact and identity details. This is a better product when compared to People Search as a comprehensive tool, and it can be used for more varied needs.

  • Address Search. As the name indicates, Address Search is designed to find details of current address, previous addresses, aliases, and associated phone details of an individual. If you want to track down the location and address of an individual, this is the one you need.
  • Trace Detail. The final one on this list is called Trace Detail. This tool is designed to find the current address of a person, but at the same time, it also finds people associated with them, like neighbors, roommates, associates, and partners. Trace Detail is among the advanced tools from MicroBilt and is meant to offer the best possible assistance when more details are required beyond the phone numbers.

Verdict of MicroBilt’s suite

There is no denying that MicroBilt has managed to make skip tracing as easy and effective for clients as possible. The company also has a suite Identity Verification tools, and with skip tracing tools, they have managed to carve a niche for themselves in an industry that’s competitive and needs more products. MicroBilt’s website has a nice overview of their products, and more importantly, they also have demo reports, so you clearly know what to expect from each of their tools. All the five tools for skip tracing can be used together as needed, and for skip tracers and debt collectors, this is a big advantage.

Check their website

If you want to find more on MicroBilt’s products or want to get a demo of their tools, please refer to their website. They also offer customized assistance for different clients as needed, so you can contact their competent customer care team for assistance.