4 Types of Information to Include When Filling Out an In Home Care Services Application

It’s become apparent that your loved one can no longer live alone without some type of assistance. Things have not progressed to the point that a move to an assisted living facility is necessary, but you do want to ensure that there’s a caregiver present who can take care of things that your loved one can no longer manage without some help. As you find likely agencies, be prepared to fill out applications that provide some basic information. Here are a few examples of what to include on each in home care services application that you fill out and submit.

Your Basic Contact Information

In order for the application to be considered, be sure to include all of your basic contact information. This is not contact information about your loved one. All data should relate to you as the child or other responsible party who is seeking to secure help for someone who is in need.

The type of contact information provided is basic. It includes your name, an email address that can be used to send an acknowledgment and possibly some data that provides a better idea of what the agency offers, and your telephone number. While you may include a landline number, it’s often a good idea to include your cell phone number. That makes it all the easier for the agency representative to reach out to you via text if you desire.

Best Times and Ways to Reach You

The goal is to open dialogue about your loved one and learn more about what the facility offers specifically that may be of use. To that end, there will be the need for ongoing communication. The representative will want to reach out to you in ways that are convenient for you.

Based on what you indicate on the original application, the communications may focus more on the use of email correspondence. That may be the medium for setting up a visit with the representative to discuss the services in more detail. Perhaps you prefer phone calls; if so, the representative will need some idea of what times of day are best for reaching you. It could be that sending texts would be the best way to make initial contacts and pave the way for meeting in person.

Overview of Your Loved One’s Home Care Needs

While the typical in home care services application does not require a detailed list of your loved one’s condition and needs, there are usually fields that provide space to touch on the more important aspects of the care. Be sure to fill those out so the responding agent will have a good idea of the level of care you’re seeking.

For example, mentioning that there are some memory issues is a good idea. If there are any physical limitations that may indicate the need for help with bathing or other basics, include that information as well. Even little things like having someone who can transport the loved one to and from doctor appointments should be mentioned in brief.

Specific Questions You Have at This Time

The application is not the place to ask an exhaustive list of questions. However, there is usually a field where you can include some basic queries that provide further ideas of the type of home care you’re seeking. Little things like asking if there are caregivers who can live in the home, ones who can be present for several hours a day, or even caregivers who have a background in nursing can certainly be included.

Those questions help to provide more ideas of the type of help you’re seeking and will aid the agency in identifying the services you’re most likely interested in discussing.

Remember that finding the right home care agency is key to the quality of life that your loved one will enjoy. Take the task seriously and focus your attention on agencies that seem to be a good fit. With time and patients, you will find professionals who can make life a lot easier for your loved one.